Our story

Committed to helping businesses thrive

Our story
Our story
Our story

1948 Dauman & Co formed

2005 Capital Business Links formed

2017 Capital Business Links takes over Dauman & Co

2021 J. Dauman by Capital Business Links rebrand

Our philosophy

The evolution of change

The successful management of change is a source of competitive advantage because it brings growth, progress and development - everything J. Dauman stands for and is built on.

Our commitment to providing first-class chartered accountancy and business services is our core discipline, but what’s makes us different, some say special, is our passion for development – of ourselves, our clients and our partners, both on a personal and business level. As your business advisor and friend, we help discover opportunities, take advantage of upcoming changes and share our knowledge and expertise.

Embracing the evolution of change builds responsible businesses that create prosperity and personal fulfilment. We’re changing business for good.

Our Values


Openness and curiosity

Experience and expertise



To enable boundaryless growth, economic opportunity and competitor advantage for businesses all over the world.



To provide first-class business and accountancy services, alongside complementary surround services, that ensure compliant and efficient business in all foreign markets.

Our services

Leading the way in international finance and accountancy services.

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Our story

Committed to making your business ambitions a reality.

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Our people

Our people and our network of partners are our greatest asset.

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